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Cross-cultural Diversity

Celebrating our diversity by working more effectively across borders

“By learning about a culture and listening carefully to our people, my ability to understand, communicate and effectively interact with our global workforce has increased dramatically and helped me become a more effective leader and advocate for our people,” says Nellie Borrero, managing director-Global Inclusion & Diversity.

We sponsor activities that support teaming and learning so our people can work more effectively across cultures. Understanding how to work in a cross-cultural environment and leveraging the diversity of multiple cultures is inherent to the unique way we do things at Accenture.

Accenture aims to provide our employees with the resources and training they need to work effectively across cultures, either virtually or face-to-face, including access to online training and tips on business etiquette in different countries. A diverse workforce brings with it a broader skill base, creativity and innovation that enable our people to focus on the outcomes that matter to help our clients achieve high performance.

One such resource is GlobeSmart, which offers 24/7 online access to up-to-date information on global business effectiveness. Additionally, Accenture people have access to training, such as an online Building Cross-Cultural Awareness course, which teaches participants how to maximize value with a multicultural team.