Omolara Y.


Omolara Y.


People Advisor Specialist



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Human Resources


B.Sc Biochemistry, Lagos State University

What I Do

I currently occupy HR Specialist Role, which is to provide specialist and standardized HR services by executing programs and processes such a Recruiting, Scheduling, Training, Compensation and Benefit administration, Performance Management, Employee Welfare & Relations and use of respective HR tools and applications such as SAP, ATAS, Sarbox Tool, TRPC, Human Manager.

Day In My Life My typical day involves collaborating with my team members to ensure that we meet and possibly surpasses our internal customers’ expectation in our daily HR work operations and delivery. Thereafter, a long drive home, ensure I play with my daughter and share my day’s experience with my husband.

Outside the Office/Work

My leisure time is spent with my husband and daughter, hanging out with my girlfriends and I love go-kart rides

My Advice
Accenture is a great place to develop yourself if you are looking for a dazzling future in the corporate world.