Mariam E.


Mariam E.


Business Analyst



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area



BSc. Insurance, University of Lagos

What I Do

I am a Business Analyst with Accenture, mostly engaged with helping financial services clients define competitive strategies that enable them become high performing entities… innovatively. As an Analyst, I am pretty much pre-occupied with numbers and in surplus amounts too. I am required to be a quick thinker and very familiar with financial reports and competitive positioning of top players in the industry. I am also expected to act well above my capacity as an Analyst under certain conditions or as the need arise. One interesting aspect of my job is the continuous exposure to new geographies, cultures and a vast mix of solvable business problems. Accenture also affords me the pleasant opportunity to work with a large network of friendly professionals with astounding intellect spread across the world. It doesn’t get any more fulfilling than this.

Day in my Life

Most of my days in Accenture is spent working off clients’ offices, so an average day goes thus:

Arrive in the morning, take a quick peak at yesterday’s to-do list and ensure there are no pending tasks. Next, prepare plan and commence tasks for the day which would typically involve collating volumes of raw client data and drawing insights from them through charts and graphs. Once that’s done, I dash onto Accenture’s robust virtual knowledge base to research on current innovation and market trends influencing change, in between these I engage in discussions with counterpart staff to ensure all plans (workshops, interviews, site visits etc) for the week are on track, and all requested documents have been provided. At this point, lunch is served; healthy eating is highly encouraged, so this is reflected in my food choices. Afterwards, I engage in more data analysis and Lync enabled cross-country team deliberations, then lights out. The day is done. Multitasking is paramount in the entire scheme of things.

Outside the Office/Work

Aside outdoor games and gymnastics, I enjoy reading about the universe and its entire cosmic makeup; Let me let you in on a little interesting fact, did you know that If two pieces of metal without any coating touch in space, they become permanently stuck together and form into one piece? That’s Cold Welding! I love watching NASA live streams and currently putting aside a few Naira to make my trip to space a reality someday.

My Advice

Accenture offers everyone a fair and equal opportunity to excel in their respective careers, to keep above the pack, you must identify your area(s) of specialty as early as permissible and continue to build on your strengths. Do not work in silos, embrace collaboration as it remains your ammunition to success.
Take every opportunity to broaden your knowledge base and improve your skill set in line with changing market trends, as this equips you with unmatched distinctive competencies, keeping you relevant to the firm at all times.