Kolade A.


Kolade A.





Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Program, Project & Service Mgmt


B. Sc. Computer Engineering, MBA

What I Do

I provide technology infrastructure solution design to business problems, help client formulate IT Strategy, provide project management support for and quality assurance for systems implementation projects.

Day In My Life
I am an early bird! – Each day begins with a prioritized written to-do list (or mental note from previous days outstanding activities), I set out to achieve planned activities (project deliverable, research, BDs etc) first and provide reasonable time for unscheduled task that creates business value. In between this, I use lunch time to catchup with family/friends, lookout for what is trending in the news, business, technology and what opportunities they present for Accenture.

Outside the Office/Work

I love to spend time with family and friends, preparing meals for them with fishing as a hobby.

My Advice
Join Accenture if you want to “become” a global professional, what you become will eventually make you “have” – this is your personal responsibility!