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Ademide A.


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University of Warwick BSc. Chemistry with Mgmt

What I Do

I joined Accenture Management Consulting group 5 years ago, over the years I have had the opportunity to work in different African countries across several operating groups, including: financial services, products, resources and public sector. sample

As my career progressed I settled in the Financial Services operating group, supporting banks, insurers and capital markets operators in strategy development (corporate, business unit, sustainability), business transformation, process redesign, programme management, amongst others.

Day in my Life

No two days are ever really the same, things that you couldn’t have anticipated come up and your day may change just like that…

… It’s a Monday, I have either flown in to my client’s location, or the client is located in my home city (Lagos). I check my emails, catch up with any project related information that came in over the weekend or early Monday AM, I start fitting things into my day or week ‘to do list’, I catch up on emails letting me know what’s going on elsewhere in Accenture (postcards, updates from different geographies and different operating groups).

When the Project Manager or Client Executive arrives at the client office we usually touch base on what went on last week, and what our priorities are for the week ahead. We brainstorm ideas and discuss any challenges we may have with our current assignments / tasks.

With a bit of the morning gone, I get stuck in to the work I have to do for the day. As a consultant, I typically own a stream of the work, working with the team assigned to me to solve the ‘client problem’ I am responsible for.

This could involve doing anything from excel analysis, PowerPoint / Word assessment reports, and managing relationships with the client team on my work stream. A large part of our work at Accenture is done working closely with clients to deliver solutions that are unique to their challenges, so on some days my daily tasks could involve holding client workshops, brainstorming sessions, and getting client feedback on work we have already delivered.

At the end of the day I check through my ‘to do list’ and make sure it’s all covered, and begin to jot down a few things for the rest of the week. I also re-group with the team (depending on their schedules), catch up on their work-streams, get the project managers steer on any issues I had during the day.

I leave the office knowing that tomorrow could be completely different, but whatever the case it will be equally as rewarding.

Outside the Office

Outside of the office, I enjoy to travel and explore different cultures. I particularly love Africa - the richness, and the diversity of each different country.

My Advice
If you want to be a part of solving some of Nigeria / Africa’s problems, Accenture is a great place to start.