Accountability to advance corporate citizenship at Accenture starts at the top, with our Board, which includes our Chairman & CEO, and cascades through our business, including use of performance objectives relating to corporate citizenship. For example, achieving our global carbon target is one factor considered in the performance evaluation and pay of our Chief Operating and Chief Strategy Officers.

We have a clear governance structure to drive performance toward our goals and help ensure objectives are cascaded through the organization. Specifically, a dedicated subcommittee of our Global Management Committee determines key corporate citizenship and environmental strategies. This subcommittee, chaired by our Chief Strategy Officer, comprises senior leaders from multiple corporate functions and geographies, and meets one to three times each year to consider policy and guide the Corporate Citizenship Council and the Environment Steering Group.

The Corporate Citizenship Council [PDF], a group of senior executives from multiple disciplines and geographies, implements those policies and supporting programs—assessing strategy, guiding overall programming activity and approving major initiatives. Each of our 15 geographic units has a council member responsible for his or her implementation of our corporate citizenship priorities within that geography.

The way we innovate, collaborate, operate and deliver value is grounded in our core values and shared business ethics.

The Environment Steering Group [PDF], which includes leaders from across Accenture, determines our processes for providing guidance around carbon-emissions disclosure. For instance, this group recommended that Accenture pursue global ISO 14001 certification for the first time and proposed Accenture’s 2020 environment goals. The group meets semi-annually to monitor our environmental performance and identify improvement areas.

The Corporate Citizenship Council and the Environment Steering Group make strategic recommendations on our sustainability initiatives for our leadership to approve and integrate throughout the organization.

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