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Finnish Directorate of Immigration: Case management system

Accenture implements a case management system to help the Finnish Directorate of Immigration manage issues of cost and quality associated with immigration.


The Finnish Directorate of Immigration manages all immigration activities including the entry of immigrants into Finland, their residence in the country, refugee status and nationality.

Accenture was selected to implement a new case management system to help the Directorate manage the growing issues of cost and quality.


An increase in international travel, together with an aging population and increasing demand for electronic services, has led to pressure to improve the productivity and outcomes of the immigration processes through the implementation of an immigration information system.


The project has been nominated as a “key productivity initiative” of the Finnish public sector as it covers all functional and technical aspects of immigration and citizenship applications, as well as the handling of refugees and asylum seekers.

Release 1 of the system will serve approximately 15,000 end-users and integrate 20 system interfaces, including critical security organizations. All documents and application information will be processed and archived in digital format.

Key benefits of the solution include:

  • Better customer service: Applicants benefit from a faster service and can manage applications online.

  • Cost savings: Greater volumes of applications can be processed more efficiently in a shorter time.

  • Effective management and reporting because high quality reports and transparent processing will help to pinpoint bottlenecks and precise allocation of resources across different authorities.

  • Improved flexibility: A scalable and flexible architecture will reduce the cost of further development and help meet future challenges.