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Australian Taxation Office: Customer relationship management

Accenture helps Australian Taxation Office undertake new initiatives that will simplify the tax system and reduce the cost of doing business in Australia.


Accenture is working with the Australian government to implement major new initiatives that will reduce the cost of doing business by simplifying the business tax system and providing electronic service channels.


The Australian Business Register (ABR) will provide service focused around the needs of businesses rather than the internal processes of government agencies. This will be achieved through an Internet portal for business to government (B2G) and government to government users, and through a call center.

The ABR will be a public register that holds key identification information that 2.5 million Australian businesses were previously required to provide every time they dealt with a new government entity or department. In the future government agencies will be able to refer to the register instead of requiring businesses to provide documents to prove their identity or other high-level registration information.

The B2G solution is likely to use advanced eCommerce technologies such as XML for data exchange between government and business agencies.

In addition to developing the ABR the project will also redevelop the Australian Tax Office's (ATO) Client Register—which holds individual and business registration information. The project will have three stages:

  • The 'Strategic Design' will produce a high level design for each release of the ABR, including user and technical prototypes.

  • The first release of both registers will be in July 2001.

  • The second release of both registers will be in late 2001 or early 2002.

A key feature of the ABR project is the need for the ATO to interact with multiple parties and interests across the business community, whole-of-government agency executives and employees; and to ensure they are each appropriately involved in, and have ownership of the eventual outcome.


To ensure this vital interaction occurs effectively, Accenture will assist the ATO in undertaking a Journey Management Program that will address risks such as the cross agency involvement, the importance of achieving acceptance and involvement from business, and the major transformation in approach to viewing business and other agencies that the ABR represents.

The eCommerce solution design will be centered on the benefits specified in a whole-of-government business case, and will address the process, organization and technology requirements of the registers.

Both business and government users will use eCommerce channels to access and update the register. The project will be staffed equally with representatives from multiple government agencies and Accenture personnel.


The ABR will provide the infrastructure to enable:

  • Businesses to find out about their obligations and complete registration processes online.

  • Businesses to maintain their own registration details through the Internet.

  • Businesses to tell one government agency of any change in their registration details and know that change will be passed on to other agencies they interact with, removing the need for them to notify these other agencies.

  • The public to view information about businesses through the Internet.

  • Government agencies to access up-to-date registration information without having to maintain this information in their own registers.