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Webscale Services

The Architects Of
Intelligent Scale

Accenture Webscale Services helps software and platform companies operate, scale, and improve their next generation services. Operational challenges and service complexities are inherent in hypergrowth environments, and Webscale Services brings global reach, speed, and an innovative edge to companies at all stages of growth. We help improve user experiences, grow and expand the user base, and mitigate risk while decoupling growth from cost.


We help you manage an exploding volume and diversity of content via a customized, modular, technology-supported suite of services using world-class operations and industry tools.

Our intelligent, technology-driven Developer Ecosystem can help you shorten developer life cycles and form strong, long-lasting, developer relationships.

Our large and diversified group of advertising operations professionals and comprehensive digital advertising solutions help you build and run efficient, functional, and integrated advertising operations that satisfy customers and create strategic lift across the organization.

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We provide a coordinated, analytics-based way to guide advertisers through an adoption journey, helping engage them more effectively and encourage increased spend on your platform.

We build operational workflows with specialized skillsets to help enable efficient and rapid response to an exploding number of data requests without disrupting your focus.


Content Moderation

Content moderation has become one of the largest and most secretive operational functions in the industry. However, the rise of Artificial Intelligence offers the promise and threat of being able to take over much of the work. So, what does the future of AI have in store for Content Moderation?

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Keenly focused on the next great product or service, many internet and platform companies have little time or patience for scaling existing products and services. Accenture fills that gap with innovations in processes, tools, and automation that industrialize best practices and enable scale at speed.

The Accenture Dock in Dublin is home to a growing, cutting-edge dedicated Webscale talent pool focused on collaborating with our global clients on game-changing solutions to scaling challenges. Our Webscale team spans Silicon Valley, Seattle, New York, Dublin, Tokyo, and Greater China, serving as hubs to partner directly with our clients. Accenture’s geographic accelerators, including our expansive global operations footprint, enable our Webscale clients to rapidly scale services onshore, nearshore, and offshore.

Our Webscale teams span:

New York Seattle Silicon Valley Dublin Greater China Tokyo

serving as hubs to partner directly with our clients. Accenture’s geographic accelerators, including our expansive global operations footprint, enable software and platform companies to rapidly scale services onshore, nearshore and offshore.


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