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Achieve more with less – enhanced SAP production revenue reporting

Accenture helps energy companies benefit from new functionality in SAP production and revenue accounting


With oil prices highly volatile and uncertain, oil companies have every reason to drive down costs, and streamline business processes for greater productivity.

To assist upstream oil companies in this effort, Accenture is offering services to help them upgrade to the new version of SAP Production and Revenue Accounting (PRA).

This latest version helps companies standardize processes and drive down IT costs through tighter integration and reduced customization. Aligned to the SAP Business Suite for HANA platform, enhanced SAP Production and Revenue Accounting sets the stage for faster performance and analytical capabilities that can improve business insight.


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Why Accenture

Accenture’s alliance with SAP spans more than four decades. In the 1990s, Accenture and SAP co-developed IS-Oil and, most recently, teamed to create the Accenture and SAP Business Solutions Group (ASBSG).

Building on a rich history of co-innovation, we are delivering a new suite of energy upstream operational solutions: Upstream Production Operations by Accenture and SAP, an end-to-end solution from the wellhead to the invoice.

On behalf of SAP, Accenture is also the creator and exclusive provider of Accenture Upstream Production Operations Training for SAP—a clear differentiator—in PRA, as well as upstream production operations and management.

As one of SAP’s largest implementation partners, Accenture has more than 36,000 SAP resources throughout the world. Accenture has won 23 SAP Pinnacle Awards and the SAP Award for Excellence.

Specific Services

Enhanced SAP Production and Revenue Accounting (PRA) delivers:

  • Faster performance

  • Improved capabilities for reporting tax and royalties

  • Stronger compliance

  • Reduced IT and finance costs

  • Ability to grow in operations without increasing accounting headcount

In addition, new Accenture assets enable companies to accelerate their upgrade process:

  • Process Improvement Assessment

  • Thorough Documentation of Process Models

  • Training

  • Back to SAP Standard

  • Reconciliation Tools for Data Migration