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Your workforce fuels the future

Power your strategies with the Oil and Gas HR Benchmark


Oil and gas companies face a critical challenge: Developing a human resources strategy and workforce that can survive today’s oil price uncertainty without compromising future operations.

The Accenture Strategy Energy Oil and Gas HR Benchmark delivers key insights from human resources professionals in the industry. The HR Benchmark is based on in-depth research gathered from more than 30 companies including Majors, NOCs, IOCs and Independents─including interviews with larger NOCs in the Middle East to smaller Independents in North America.


The HR Benchmark evaluates the efficiency of a company’s oil and gas human resources practices and performance as compared to its peers through analysis of key metrics. Data points are collected via quantitative surveys and interviews, then results are returned in individual playbacks.

  • The most extensive human resources database in the oil and gas industry with data going back to 2004

  • “Critical mass” of peers in all sectors including: Majors, NOCs, IOCs and Independents

  • Customized peer set analysis and diagnostic summaries tailored to each company participant

HR Benchmark activities culminate with regional oil and gas HR forums.


Accenture Strategy hosts annual HR forums devoted to helping oil and gas human resources decision makers navigate the challenges they face in today’s market. Every year the forums are customized based on regional responses to the HR Benchmark and industry trends.

The 2017 Oil & Gas HR forums will present the results of the annual HR Benchmark guided by three key themes:

  1. Agility

  2. Efficiency

  3. Future Workforce

These themes measure the impact of the current oil crisis on human resource issues.

If you would like more information about how to participate in the annual HR Benchmark or to request an invitation to a forum, please email

Forum dates and locations:

  • Calgary, AB, Canada, November 17, 2017