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Intelligent Infrastructure — high performance in cities

Accenture Intelligent Infrastructure Platform helps cities and service providers achieve high performance with its integrated service delivery model.


Cities and metropolitan areas worldwide are developing at an enormous speed. Along with this growth comes numerous challenges including the supply of energy, water, housing, transport, education and finance; flexible and equitable regulations; and service offerings for citizens and businesses. It is crucial to find ecological and sustainable solutions to these challenges without increasing taxes and charges.

Accenture Intelligent Infrastructure Platform enhances cities’ operational efficiency by facilitating innovation and collaboration while reducing capital expenditure. It is a scalable platform that is operated in an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) mode and can be easily integrated with other systems. The platform:

  • Provides a portal that acts as a central hub, enabling interoperability among services via smooth, swift and efficient data exchange.

  • Offers an easy-to-use, single access point to interconnected services. Cities and their service partners get information about the usage of infrastructure and services, and an insight into the changing usage patterns over time.

  • Offers a powerful and flexible pricing engine that allows modulating prices based on statistical data. This can help cities implement regulatory policies in transport and traffic, and energy consumption.

Why Accenture

The Accenture Intelligent Infrastructure Platform offers benefits to all parties: cities, their inhabitants and visitors, and local service providers. It helps create new services to meet increasing demand.

Did you know that Accenture was part of the consortium that helped Trans Link Systems in the Netherlands launch the world’s first nationwide, multimodal electronic fare management system? This system offers unique e-ticketing for nationwide passenger transport systems spanning trains, subways, buses and trams. In 2007, Computerworld Honors Program acknowledged Trans Link Systems with the 21st Century Achievement Award for its exceptional use of technology to better society.

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