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The digital value of the new energy consumer

Utilities can seize the value of digital by transforming core customer operations and deploying digital customer technologies.


Digital is changing the nature of consumer engagement across the customer life cycle. Whether to educate consumers, sell new products, encourage self-service or create value with new services, digital must be considered as part of every initiative. Now is the time for energy providers to take a strategic, systematic approach to transforming their operations—so they can unlock the value of digital energy consumers. Even as digital reshapes consumers’ expectations of their experiences, getting the basics right remains key to enduring success.

View our slideshare on digital trust and the new energy consumer.

Digitally engaged energy consumers:

Are more likely to recommend their energy providerment progra

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42% digital channel users 13% non-digital channel users

Are more likely to participate in an energy management program

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80% digital channel users 59% non-digital channel users

Are more satisfied with their energy providermanageme prog

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69% digital channel users 55% non-digital channel users


Even with digital progress to date, energy providers have room to improve the digital experience—and now is the time to accelerate digital adoption. As energy providers seek to strengthen and expand digital consumer engagement, they will need to change the fundamentals of the digital experience.
Director of Accenture's Innovation Centre for Utilities

The Enhanced Digital Customer Experience

Consumers are increasingly connected, mobile and social. For the next generation of energy consumers, digital is not a channel but a way of life. An enhanced digital customer experience can drive engagement and satisfaction. Yet, consumers still face challenges with the digital experience with their energy providers, and there is a range of digital dissatisfiers that need to be addressed. So, what does a great digital customer experience look like? Consumers need to see, touch and feel exceptional experiences every day when they control their energy and manage their everyday lives. Learn more about creating an enhanced digital customer experience.

About The Research Program

Accenture undertook the multiyear New Energy Consumer research program to help gas, electricity and water utilities understand emerging consumer needs and preferences, to identify new challenges and opportunities and to bring focus to the critical competencies required to succeed in the evolving energy marketplace.

Collecting consumer insights from interviews with more than 60,000 end consumers around the world, the initiative has explored a range of topics.