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Treating employees as customers

Delivering consumerized employee services to engage the workforce of the future

Most organizations have made a conscious effort to put the customer first. This often means developing a superior user experience that offers a seamless interaction across channels as well as access to highly customized services.

Many organizations today, understanding the importance of an engaged workforce, are now applying these same principles to their employees. It is employees who serve on the front lines of customer service, act as brand ambassadors, and are ultimately responsible for the organization’s success. If a company wants employees to make a meaningful contribution, it needs to invest in and treat employees as if they were customers.

This customer-centric approach to human resources can be referred to as “consumerized employee services” — a one-stop shop for managing employee needs by coordinating points of contact across the organization to deliver a seamless experience. Taking the employee-services approach often requires companies to rethink how they interact with employees, as well as re-evaluate the structure of the organization and the way they manage workforce-related tasks.

This article, authored by Accenture Strategy managing directors Kraig Eaton and Himanshu Tambe and published in Talent Management magazine, explores how organizations need to rethink their HR strategy and deliver services to the workforce through a ‘consumerized HR’ approach.