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The opportunity for CMO and CIO collaboration in the pharma industry

Find out where the major gaps are between CIO and CMO in the pharmaceutical industry and the four critical steps to bring them together.


The need and opportunity for increased CMO and CIO collaboration and convergence in the pharmaceutical industry has never been higher as the industry faces a rapid period of change marked by massive digital advances, a new health consumer and a dominant outcomes-based reimbursement environment.


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Accenture surveyed CMOs (or equivalent titles) and CIOs from many of the largest pharmaceutical companies ($5 billion or more) in the world to understand the options, challenges and points of view of senior marketing and IT executives on the impact of digital strategies and capabilities on their business.

Key Finding 1

The opportunity to come together: Pharma CIOs want to, CMOs not as much

Pharma CIOs see a strong need for marketing and IT alignment and interaction—the highest of any industry group surveyed. On the flip side, pharma CMOs are among the lowest across industries to see the need.

Key Finding 2

The opportunity to align on how to unify

Pharma CMOs and CIOs have an opportunity to become more aligned on how they tackle the issue of unification. The gap in agreement on how to become more unified is more pronounced in pharmaceuticals than other industries.

Key Finding 3

The opportunity to align on Analytics, IT spend and Big Data

These areas represent the three largest gaps in alignment between pharma CIOs and CMOs.

Key Finding 4

The opportunity to align around a common technology vision

Pharma CIOs and CMOs have very different perspectives on the role of IT in marketing.

Less than half of IT employees understand marketing goals and objectives

Key Finding 5

Is the lack of CMO and CIO integration hindering digital adoption in pharmaceuticals?

Less than one-third of CMOs feel very well prepared to exploit opportunities presented by digital marketing channels.


Four steps to aligning pharma CIOs and CMOs: