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The aerospace and defense industry is now well into a new era of powerful market forces and disruptive technologies. These present entirely new mandates for building, operating and maintaining commercial, military and space products. These forces are reshaping the future of aerospace and defense. Some offer exciting opportunities. Others present clear threats and challenges. All require a decisive response.


powerful market forces

Accenture highlights powerful market forces to consider as the aerospace and defense industry passes 100 years of commercial services.


While digital has been prevalent in the aerospace and defense industry for some time, the sector is far from exempt from the transformational changes that digital is driving. Digital is driving decisive changes in the way aerospace and defense companies operate, interact and integrate with the world around them.

Aerospace and defense companies have been relentlessly developing digital capabilities for many years. But the urgency to fully embrace these emerging technology trends is increasing.



New technology trends fueled by digital disruption are creating significant opportunities for aerospace and defense companies. It’s time for a fundamental shift in how aerospace and defense companies apply these innovations to more effectively operate, differentiate and grow their businesses.

Digital strategies offer new and improved ways to optimize the supply chain, reduce time to market and increase revenue. As a result, many aerospace and defense companies are considering how they use digital to generate and sustain business results.