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As-a-Service Marketing that’s always ready to deliver. Just when you need it. And just-in-time.

Agility. Deployed

Just-in-time (JIT) marketing is more sensitive to where demand is and when quick action is needed. Using an as-a-Service model, companies can deploy agility, reacting quickly to an idea and an identified need.

The new marketing agility: As-a-Service Marketing from Accenture Operations

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Just-in-time marketing and as-a-Service work in tandem

JIT marketing helps companies embed key capabilities into the business, so they can be leveraged and deployed in a much more real-time way. A company can always be on the lookout for consumers’ needs, make quick decisions and eliminate waste.

With an as-a-Service model, companies can work with their provider to create the campaign and content, and then build the plan to execute it. That combination enables the company to react and mobilize faster. In other words, as-a-Service is about agility, but also something more. It’s about agility deployed.

Making changes in flight

Companies can make ad hoc changes while the program is in flight—a distinctive aspect of the agility deployed through an as-a-Service model—which means benefits can be realized without having to go through a time-consuming contractual revision or re-solutioning effort. The as-a-Service, outcome-based model aligns mutual interests, focuses both parties on a common outcome and gives teams permission to make real-time adjustments to the tactics, always keeping business objectives in mind.

The value levers of

Plug in
Accessing services quickly
Ramping up and down to match actual business volume needs
Moving to a shared services model to standardize & scale processes & delivery
Consumption based
Paying only for what is used
Outcome oriented
Buyer and provider working together to achieve specified business outcomes
Vendor agnostic
Providing deep knowledge and experience across multiple provider offerings
Innovation enabled
Ongoing innovations in business processes, infrastructure and applications
Future protected
Shielding the buyer from the potential disruption of upgrades and future change

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How to work with an
as-a-Service provider

Look for advanced capabilities, relevant experience and industry knowledge in your provider.

Anticipate market conditions that might impact expansion or contraction of required services.

Create a partnership model, sharing challenges and obstacles.

Let the provider propose the specific offerings and capabilities that can achieve your business outcomes.

Client success

Agility. Deployed

With an as-a-Service approach, the core client marketing team determines the desired outcomes, and the as-a-Service provider handles the execution work. It’s a way to deploy business agility. Marketing is produced just-in-time, when demand is identified and is funded based on outcomes delivered, maximizing the business impact that can be achieved.



Mark Hosbein, Managing Director, Marketing BPS describes how “Agility Deployed” changes the game for marketers everywhere. It’s getting back to basics in a results oriented way—that makes sense with the modern world.



Josh Bellin, Research Fellow with Accenture Research introduces exciting consumer insights uncovered by his research team. Josh describes a “Just-In-Time” marketing approach that delivers relevant experiences, products and services customers expect now.


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Mark Hosbein

Mark Hosbein

Global Offering Lead
Marketing Business Process Services

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