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How to seize the CPG digital commerce opportunity in Asia, today

The new Asian consumer’s expectations of seamless shopping experiences creates huge opportunities for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Asian consumers’ shopping behavior is changing dramatically from a linear process to a connected marketplace, redefined by digital. Today consumers expect to get what they want, when they want it.

In the past consumers became aware of a product, considered it and finally made a purchase. In a connected marketplace, redefined by digital, it is a much more complex process with multiple, overlapping touchpoints along the path to purchase. CPGs able to provide consumers with solutions at the "micro moments" where decisions are being made along the shopping journey will stand out. Companies offering personalized, relevant solutions seamlessly and intuitively will become integral to consumers’ day-to-day lives.

CPG companies can capture the Asian marketplace and its new generation of digital commerce players by focusing on these three priorities:

  1. Consumers in Asia are shifting from seeking brands to demanding solutions

    • In a connected marketplace, shopping’s much more complex, with multiple, overlapping touchpoints along the path to purchase;

    • And there’s a growing competitive threat. Digital-born platforms enabled Asia’s e-commerce marketplace… now they’re ideally positioned to capture consumers by providing the seamless solutions they demand.

  2. The imperative for CPG companies? Act NOW to capture the micro-moment

    • Up to now, CPG companies have focused on building brands and delivering value by traditional routes. In a digital marketplace, that’s less and less relevant;

    • The new priority? Serve the micro-moments where consumers seek solutions throughout their purchase journeys;

    • How to achieve this? Either partner with disruptive digital partners or, in less evolved e-commerce markets, drive market developments themselves.

  3. The longer-term objective? Become the "smart assistant" to consumers, delivering solutions proactively… without waiting to be asked

    • CPG companies that make this leap can lead the Asian market and capture disproportionate consumer spend.

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