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Extending the value proposition

Unlock the value of a new energy marketplace with new value propositions, products and services.


As adoption of rooftop solar and other distributed generation technologies increases, consumers’ knowledge and interest in home energy management solutions are on the rise. Energy providers have the opportunity to forge new paths to value by expanding their portfolio of products and services.

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New energy consumers are:


Willing to invest to become power self-sufficient


Interested in the installation of an electric vehicle home-based charging station from their energy provider

60% 2015
46% 2014

Increasingly interested in installation and/or maintenance services for home energy devices

Our Perspective

Digitally enabled consumers have a higher interest and likelihood to be first movers and acquiring their share of spend is pivotal. In competitive markets, digitally enabled consumers are key in the hunt for value and additional revenue. In regulated markets, these consumers offer prime opportunities to engage around energy management. As consumer interest and propensity to purchase energy-related products and services grows, energy providers have the opportunity to realize new value.


Managing director,
Accenture Energy Consumer Services

Example Of Business Opportunity

Energy providers are, after specialized companies, the most preferred providers for monitoring and control products and services.

Accenture proprietary research (% of end-consumer respondents)

About The Research Program

Accenture undertook the multiyear New Energy Consumer research program to help gas, electricity and water utilities understand emerging consumer needs and preferences, to identify new challenges and opportunities and to bring focus to the critical competencies required to succeed in the evolving energy marketplace.

Collecting consumer insights from interviews with more than 60,000 end consumers around the world, the initiative has explored a range of topics.