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Enabling a digital workforce in transmission & distribution

Digital solutions present opportunities for transmission & distribution operators to turn insight into action


Digital technologies hold tremendous promise for transmission and distribution (T&D) organizations looking to improve the management of resources, costs and the safety and productivity of their field workforce. By moving to a digital workforce, utilities can use new technologies to turn insight into action and produce outcomes not previously achievable.

Organizations in the T&D sector are under intense pressure to improve their financial performance. At the same time, they must meet their obligations to customers, as well as their regulatory commitments to reduce risk and improve safety. In this complex environment, the ability to wisely and effectively manage capital and operations and maintenance (O&M) costs has never been more important. Given the high costs associated with field labor, optimizing worker efficiency and productivity has become an absolute imperative.


Most T&D organizations need to achieve more with less and serve more customers without having the ability to grow their workforce. Digital solutions present real opportunities for T&D organizations to achieve these goals, while reducing costs and increasing the productivity of their field personnel.

For example:

  • Mobile technologies can improve workforce performance by providing workers access to relevant information whenever and wherever they need it.

  • Digitally enabled visualization tools can reveal locations of crews and assets in real time, allowing for optimized routing and quicker customer response.

  • Advanced analytics can provide insights that improve resource management and field force utilization.

As digital solutions become more mature and as digital transforms work in other industries, T&D organizations adopting these capabilities will improve operational performance dramatically and outperform industry peers.

Key Findings

Digital technologies and analytics can be applied in an integrated manner across the T&D field work life cycle, creating a better experience for employees and customers.

The end-to-end digital enablement can focus on planned work projects as well as the solutions can also assist in the management of unplanned work.