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António Santos


António Santos




Maputo, Mozambique

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Industry Solutions & Services


Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

If you want to start a career where you can learn every day and find great challenges and opportunities, Accenture is your best option.

What I Do

At Accenture Mozambique I work as a consultant for the Resources industry. By the time I joined the Firm, I soon realized that Resources is a very promising industry with great opportunities in Mozambique, given to its massive and valuable reserves of mineral resources and hydrocarbons recently discovered. I work in major initiatives for key clients from Resources, providing support preparing presentations and doing research to produce economic contents. Our organization is recent in the country and is growing at increasing rates. The team is still small and that gives me the opportunity to participate in many projects and activities, which also help me to develop my technical and intellectual capabilities. 

Day in my Life

In a typical day at Accenture I work in current projects, participate in meetings with key clients and do research to produce content related to the projects I’m involved in. Additionally, I save some time to develop my skills and improve my knowledge, participating in training courses or doing research on relevant websites.

Outside the Office

When I’m out of the office, I like to listen to some good music and read a good fiction book. During the weekends, I enjoy some time with my girlfriend and I like going to the movies and theater with friends. Recently I bought myself a semi-professional camera and I am now a self-taught photography learner – I enjoy going around and take high-resolution pictures of people and landscapes. I also practice Capoeira (a type of martial art developed in Brazil by African people) for 7 years, however nowadays with less frequency but when I have some free time I like join my colleagues training.

My Advice

Accenture is a great organization for those who want to start a career and grow professionally at the same time. Here you we’ll have the opportunity to work in several industries with people from different origins and backgrounds, which allow us to learn more and more every day. During the last two years at Accenture, I have joined several projects giving my best contribute to the Firm’s growth and learning from the best people. In my opinion, Accenture was the best option I could have embraced!