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SAP HANA®-powered finance reporting


Accenture has been on a journey to move to a faster and better ERP to prepare the company to handle future growth. To this end, Accenture’s internal IT organization is undertaking a multi-year effort to implement a more powerful ERP.

Accenture runs its core financial processing on a single global instance of SAP® Business Suite on HANA. Accenture chose to implement SAP Business Suite on HANA because it is a necessary step to getting to SAP S/4HANA®—the final upgrade step in Accenture’s journey.

As part of this journey, internal IT seized the opportunity to implement SAP HANA as a data mart in the public cloud, a separate SAP HANA system used as an analytics platform, to enable new analytics capabilities.


The journey began when internal IT migrated Accenture’s Finance and HR system from SAP Business Suite on Microsoft SQL to SAP Business Suite on HANA. During this time, IT implemented SAP HANA as a data mart in the public cloud, used as an analytics platform, and integrated it with Accenture’s existing platform in addition to the existing SAP Business Warehouse (BW) platform. The aim was to take advantage of the new ability to access live data and deliver analytics capabilities that were never available before, starting with the finance domain.

Before this point, Accenture, like many organizations, was constrained in generating real-time finance reporting due to a complex enterprise data architecture. The migration to SAP HANA, however, enabled the team to deploy a new, innovative architecture. This architecture is a new SAP HANA data mart platform that is connected real-time with Accenture’s SAP ERP and SAP BW. It enables direct connectivity with Accenture’s data lake for advanced analytics business cases using data sourced from SAP and non-SAP systems.

Using agile methodology and the flexibility of the SAP HANA data mart platform, the Accenture IT reporting team can now implement specific, real-time analytic use cases rapidly. Finance users can view financial data in real-time and through charts and other visualizations.


The new SAP HANA as a data mart generates live data and provides new reporting tools and robust analytics capabilities never before available, and available in user-friendly ways. With the new architecture implemented, Accenture is experiencing a high increase of data refresh frequency to around 50 times a month as well as a high reduction of data refresh effort. Load time has been reduced and changes are delivered faster with lower risk.
98% reduction of data refresh effort
90% reduction in load time
More reporting and analytics opportunities lie ahead. The new architecture provides the foundation to open finance data to future cross-enterprise analytics capabilities. The plan is to migrate old reporting to new analytics, ultimately enabling full integration of Accenture’s analytics ecosystem.
"The SAP HANA data mart initiative has changed the game around our finance reporting. We have been able to leapfrog a complex and constrained environment and create some very powerful reporting capabilities that we are only getting started with."

Scott Wilson

Finance Director – Strategy & Enablement