Innovation with the OSDU™ Data Platform

Accenture is assisting the industry adoption and scale of the OSDU™ Data Platform to enable energy companies to accelerate their digital transformation.

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Grow your business with OSDU™ Data Platform

Accelerating digital transformation

Complex issues with data formats and legacy applications has created a massive barrier to innovation. Energy companies have an imperative to drive greater business value and deliver more affordable and cleaner energy.

To do this, they must make better use of data science to improve business outcomes like:

  • Evaluate production improvement opportunities
  • Generate accurate forecasts
  • Optimize field production
  • Reduce cycle time and new development costs
  • Increase drilling success rates

With the OSDU™ Data Platform, organizations can decouple data from apps and store trusted data across subsurface, wells, production and expand to new energy data types in a unified platform, accelerating digital transformation in oil and gas.

This common data platform breaks down the silos of data transfer from app to app helps to reestablish trust and data governance by driving value for energy organizations, unlocking end-to-end workflows resulting in clean data sets to provide a level playing field for innovation.

Driving Digital Transformation with the OSDU™ Data Platform

The OSDU™ Data Platform brings data into one location to remove data silos in the oil & gas industry and enable innovation.

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Maximize your investment

The OSDU™ Data Platform is a critical piece of a complex puzzle that sets the foundation for end-to-end digital transformation.

Alongside our deep oil and gas expertise, our business and technology strategy, integration, implementation and scaling competencies enable us to drive complete digital transformation and value capture across your organization, from beginning to end.

Each organization will have their own objectives and drivers around data, these unique pathways, cultures and geographic footprints require a tailored approach.

Our end-to-end services can help you maximize your investment in the OSDU™ Data Platform.


Companies are facing a number of key decisions and may be re-evaluating their data strategy, platform strategy and how this links to business workflows or the energy transition. We believe the OSDU™ Data Platform is truly transformational but it is not plug and play, some considerations are required.

Cloud Strategy - Consider cloud options and choices evaluated and aligned to enterprise-wide needs

Business Justification - Understand the value and use case enablement.

Data Strategy - Understand the impact on current data architecture.

Managed Platform - Operate with confidence in that you can rely on Accenture’s vast experience in providing MSP services.


We develop an ecosystem transition plan as we manage and migrate your data, applications and connections to OSDU™ Data Platform.

Leveraging Accenture’s Intelligent Data Foundation (IDF) asset enables accelerated data migration, cleansing and enrichment of subsurface and enterprise data. This combined with key ecosystem partner tooling to discover, extract and enrich niche data types allows data transformation at scale.

Data Migration – Migrate and deliver data to the Platform based on business priorities and considering unique considerations such as residency.

Quality Data – Work with well-structured, trustworthy and accessible data that empowers business users through better and accelerated decision making.

PaaS for the OSDU™ Data Platform for pilots that can scale – Offering a full managed service wrapper around a cloud implementation of your choice allowing innovation to focus on business or technical questions.


We create application strategies and deliver application solutions. We define global deployment roadmaps and provide both launch and ongoing business support.

Unique applications

Our proprietary tools and applications utilize advance analytics to deliver greater visibility into your operations and business value.

Data visualizations

Real-time analysis and insights enable agile decision-making and accelerate time to value for drilling and well activities.

Analytics & knowledge

Unlock the power of data with insightful analytics via connected IoT platforms, supply chain, ERP systems and knowledge graphs to improve strategies.

Application strategy

Integrate the applications that best align to your business needs and access a wider range of 3rd party innovative solutions.

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We drive end-user upskilling and adoption to ensure data delivers tangible business value.

Optimized Assets – Superior margins and improved end-to-end carbon management delivered through an Enterprise Digital Twin.

Efficient workflows – Improved data flows result in improved business workflows with increased user productivity.

Differentiation through Innovation – Employees are freed to pursue innovative activities to differentiate from the competition.

Managed Service of the OSDU™ Data Platform – Focus on the business value whilst your infrastructure and platform is maintained by our expert global professional managed service team.

Data Factory – Our proven model helps liberate, cleanse and manage data to ensure pipelines fit with existing systems and architecture to streamline data migration.

Digital Factory – Developers, data scientists, digital architects, and specialists collaborate with client experts in an agile environment to develop custom solutions and innovate at scale.

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