Transforming public safety

Prevent to protect. Public Safety in the digital age

Digital disruption presents one of the biggest challenges to public safety agencies, but advances in digital technology are also generating some of the most innovative solutions.
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Public safety delivers transformative results

Public safety agencies find themselves in the center of a digital storm that will disrupt every aspect of their operations. The question is whether they will emerge stronger or significantly weakened as a result.

We’re worked with clients at every level of government and public safety to deliver transformative results that address new challenges by:

  • Modernizing core operations to deliver services that citizens demand;
  • Employing Innovative Technologies to tackle challenges and create value;
  • Delivering Truly Human Government that empowers workforces to move from transactions to relationships with citizens.

AWS provides a foundation on which many of our most significant efforts are deployed. In one example, we worked with West Midlands Police (WMP) Force to deliver a striking transformation. The comprehensive program was intended to help the force:

  • meet current and future policing needs,
  • manage citizen expectations
  • reduce cost across its operations.

West Midlands Police 2020

In 2015, West Midlands Police (WMP) committed to a striking transformation program that would help the force meet current and future policing needs, manage citizen expectations and reduce cost across its operations.

At its core, the program had to answer the question: How can WMP use their data better?

Central to the technology implementation were key AWS services including Analytics, Compute, and Networking among many others. The solution enabled more than 11,000 WMP users to search and display against 100s of millions of records with high throughput; secure, encrypted data and comprehensive auditing; Desktop analytics for all users; timely and relevant insight into crime patterns.

The results of the overall program were summed up by Dave Thompson, Chief Constable of the West Midlands Police:

“We’re able to see a much more agile organization, far more empowered with the information and tools to prevent crime, protect the public, and help those in need.”