Travel & hospitality transformed

Accenture and AWS transforming travel & hospitality

In an era of unprecedented competition, market volatility and disruptive business models how can travel & hospitality companies keep pace to become real-time?
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Transforming travel & hospitality

We're in an age of unprecedented competition, market volatility and disrupted business models. Expectations are higher than ever. Change is not just fast, but exponential.

Travel, airline and hospitality companies have to keep pace and grow into agile, real time and connected travel platforms. They must reinvent themselves to be more relevant and deliver engaging customer experiences and stronger travel loyalty programs. Leaders have to modernize technology to keep up with demands, while improving operations.

For example, we worked with Cathay Pacific, the flag carrier for Hong Kong, to transform their customer experience. Leveraging blockchain on AWS, we were able to improve the customer experience, reconcile data in an efficient manner and double engagement with hundreds of discrete marketing campaigns associated with their rewards programs. Full interview available at this link.

Customer experience is key

Customer experiences are reshaping expectations for every interaction. Travelers aren’t comparing their current trip to their last one - they’re comparing it to the frictionless way they can order a cab or buy products online.

For Singapore Changi Airport, already identified as one of the world’s best, we used AWS to help create a seamless digital and physical experience for travelers.

A new master data management platform, new digital products and services, and fast, agile ways of working delivered a more holistic view of the customer. Combined with an integrated campaign management platform that dips into this data pool, Changi drives personalized marketing campaigns to customers across channels and improves access to business insights for business decision-making and partner collaboration.

The result is a smart airport for the future: Transforming the passenger experience before, during, and after travel.

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