Retail: Innovation with purpose

Accenture and AWS: Delivering retail client value.

In a recent survey, 55% of retailers cited innovation and insight as the most important characteristics to survive.
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Retail in action

Retailers must break through the noise in today’s marketplace where product and service options abound and competition is fierce. Technology provides an opportunity to shape offerings that connect with customers in meaningful ways. Retailers with a clearly defined purpose will use innovation to reimagine offerings and create an integrated web of services that gives customers the products and experiences they want, when they want them.

At Accenture, innovation is in our DNA. We work with the world’s leading retailers to execute their vision for innovation. Along with our partners, we’re helping clients explore the art of the possible, think outside of traditional boundaries and develop solutions that drive innovation.

For example, we worked with Lakeland, a British Kitchenware chain, to enable their transformation leveraging AWS. The solution included migrating Lakeland’s retail platform from on-premise datacenter to AWS. The benefits of the move include increased agility, security, innovation and cost control, which led to a reduction of infrastructure costs by 30% while increasing the flexibility for new initiatives and campaigns.

Delivering client value

For retailer Nisbets, the first step in their transformation journey was to establish a technology infrastructure in the AWS cloud for core service and operations. AWS infrastructure provides the foundation on which Nisbets has streamlined operations and positioned itself for innovation and growth while managing costs. AWS automation features have improved Nisbet’s agility by enabling infrastructure to scale on-demand and to flexibly test new programs and innovate their business.

The digital store of De Bijenkorf has always been an early adopter of digital technologies. Their move to the cloud started with the migration of their digital asset and content management system to AWS. A complex network topology had proved to be a challenge to manage efficiently and flexibly. Moving to AWS simplified the management requirement while enhancing the ability of De Bijenkorf to research, experiment, and deploy innovative programs for their growing business.

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