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The Secret to Enhanced Customer Experiences? Intelligent Supply Chains and Operations


The supply chain is evolving at exponential pace. While this promises new channels of growth, most companies aren’t equipped or simply haven’t realized the immense cost-saving potential of an intelligent system.

Held back by inefficient legacy technology and siloed processes, many of today’s supply chains and operations aren’t set up to manage the complexities of modern markets and shifting customer expectations. What’s more, supply chain and operations executives lack the strategic visibility to deliver hyper-personalized experiences that customers increasingly demand.

With US$14 trillion estimated in cost disruption across the value chain over the next decade, organizations can’t afford to miss an opportunity to achieve agility and drive enterprise-wide growth. So, what will it take to decode the new?

Chief Supply Chain Officers will need to radically transform their operating model and processes. That means seizing the right mix of leading-edge technologies to build intelligent and customer-centric supply chain and operations.


Many of today’s supply chains and operations are too inflexible to give individual customers the hyper-personalized experience they want. Businesses struggle to compete with emerging players better equipped to handle digital disruption. In fact, only 50 percent of supply chain executives say that “decision-making speed” and “flexibility to respond” are key sources to thriving in modern markets.

Research shows that companies that understand digital transformation earn 26 percent more profit than others. Their supply chains are smarter, more connected, innovative and agile than traditional ones.

That is value companies can’t afford to lose.


Intelligent supply chains provide rich, personalized customer experiences that adapt to a business’s needs in real-time. The question is: How do you get there?

We partner with organizations to digitally reinvent their supply chain, optimize workflow and streamline operations. The result? Greater visibility, more platform integration and continuous innovation.

We help Chief Supply Chain Officers to:

Identify Inefficiencies

Identify Inefficiencies

Pinpoint areas where legacy technology is hindering growth within the supply chain, such as: partially digitized processes, limited visibility, poor response time, conflicting priorities and impersonal delivery.

Implement New Technologies and Tech-Driven Platforms

Implement New Technologies
and Tech-Driven Platforms

Develop intelligent supply chain and operations that are fast, flexible and fit for the future by leveraging digital technologies such as AI, blockchain, 3D printing, cognitive computing and machine learning.

Reinvent Industries

Reinvent Industries

Invest in new technologies and tech-driven platforms to seize growth opportunities, optimize innovation cycle-time and improve responsiveness.


Today's Chief Supply Chain Officers have an opportunity to build smart, connected and innovative supply chain and operations, elevating the customer experience to one that is both hyper-personalized and profitable.

Partner with us to transform your supply chain and drive competitive agility in the age of disruption.


Don Schulman

Don Schulman
Function Managing Director,
Supply Chain and Operations

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Frode Huse Gjendem
Managing Director, Supply Chain &
Analytics Operations

Mo Hajibashi
Managing Director, North America
Supply Chain & Operations, Products

Keith Hausmann
Senior Director of Operations,
BPO Services North America

Chris Johnston
Managing Director,
Finance & Risk

Frank Meerkamp
Managing Director,
Accenture's Artificial Intelligence Strategic Growth Initiative, Supply Chain

Tushar Narsana
Managing Director, Operations,
Supply Chain & Operations

Erik Olson
Global Managing Director,
Supply Chain & Operations,

Eric Schaeffer
Senior Managing Director,
Industrial, Product Industry X.0

Kris Timmermans
Senior Managing Director and
Operations Lead, Accenture Strategy

John Walko
Senior Managing Director,
Accenture's Health Life Sciences, Supply Chain


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