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Multimedia Sales Automation


To reach their full digital potential, media companies must relinquish obsolete, custom advertising solutions that depend upon inefficient, manual, and outdated processes. Today’s business environment demands cross-media integration across software platforms, sales functions and operations—and transparency of audience and inventory made possible by advanced analytics.

High performers are moving from a "siloed"and content-based model...

…to a converged audience, data-driven, multimedia model.


Improve advertising business performance by renewing and consolidating data from different channels utilizing advanced analytics and automating cross-media sales and operations.

The New Digital Advertising Model

Accenture Services

Accenture works with clients to develop, implement and maintain leading-edge, multimedia advertising solutions, utilizing per-intergrated, best-of-breed market products. By leveraging our expertise in systems integration and application development we can provide rapid, seamless delivery.

 Multimedia Sales Automation Solution
                     Data Monetization Solution

Mutimedia Sales Automation

Improve advertising sales performance by
leveraging process automation and
programmatic channels across TV, Print,
Radio, and Digital. Accenture’s Solution

  • A multimedia platform for managing sales

  • Direct integration with buyers through
    publisher APIs and self service portals

  • Cloud-based functionality leveraging
    SFDC technology

  • Modular plug & play components that
    maximize reuse of previous client

Data Monetization Solution

Enable business process reporting, data 
discovery and predictive/prescriptive analytics to 
support audience and inventory management.

Accenture’s Advanced Analytics Platform is:

  • Vendor agnostic and provides data
    enrichment through several "data lakes"

  • Equipped with data discovery tools for
    visualization and data modeling with machine
    learning approaches and algorithms

Our Data Management Platform incorporates
best-of-breed market products and enables
accelerated audience data collection and
segmentation based on deterministic rules.