Federating with Accenture

Connecting with our clients using the latest communication tech.


Federation means that employees in your company can communicate with Accenture employees easily and securely over a common communications platform such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Office Communicator (OC).

With shared instant messaging and other tools, collaboration becomes seamless. Presence indicators simplify contacts and scheduling. Videoconferencing is a one-click process, and desktop sharing of programs, PowerPoint and documents make audio and video calls more productive.

The process of establishing federation is simple and secure, which explains why over 500 client companies are already federated with Accenture.

Communication Choice

Federation allows employees from two companies to communicate with each other over Skype for Business, Lync or OC, just as they use these tools to communicate with people inside their own company. Federation, a one-to-one connection between two companies, strengthens relationships, communication becomes seamless, collaboration becomes stronger, and teams become more productive. Accenture is currently federated with over 500 clients. But the fact that your company federates with Accenture does not automatically connect your company with other companies that are federated with Accenture.

Business Benefits

There are several tangible business advantages in federating your company’s employees with Accenture professionals:

Collaboration: Users from your organization can add Accenture colleagues to contact lists, send them instant messages, as well as have audio, video and desktop sharing sessions instantly through Skype for Business/Lync/OC. Accenture professionals can do the same with contacts inside your company.

Cost savings: Federated communications use the Internet, not the public phone network, helping to reduce money spent on phone bills and third-party conferencing services.


Establishing federation is a very simple process, requiring nothing more than a person in the client company who can provide the necessary server configuration information to Accenture. Once a request is submitted with the necessary information, federation can usually be set up within a matter of days, or even hours.

Note that not all federated partners will be able to accept audio/video conferences, since a proper firewall configuration needs to be in place. Accenture is willing to work with any external team to get it working, but not all federated partners have a matching infrastructure. Additionally, some functionalities may be unavailable for early versions of Office Communicator. 

Contact your Accenture representative to start federating today and download this document for more information.