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Cimation joins Accenture Asset and Operations Services

Transforming maintenance and operations for oil and gas, chemicals, metals, mining and utilities


Accenture has acquired Cimation, an industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) consulting company known for its work in process automation, operations information technology (IT) and industrial control system (ICS) cyber security.

Together, the companies will provide end-to-end services to transform industrial asset operations and maintenance for oil and gas, pipeline, chemicals, metals and mining companies—from the sensors on field equipment to boardroom performance reports.


End-to-End Services

Accenture Asset and Operations Services and Cimation are leveraging the latest digital technologies to transform how companies build, operate and maintain their industrial assets.

Operational Technology: The Next Threshold of the Digital Revolution

Investments in IIoT and other operational technologies are unlocking transformative business opportunities for companies in asset intensive industries.

"This union with Cimation is Accenture’s latest step in the execution of our strategy to move beyond enterprise and customer services into asset management and operations, taking advantage of the transformative opportunities driven by the Industrial Internet of Things."
Peggy Kostial
Senior Managing Director for Accenture’s North America Resources operating group

Operational Technology Services

Cimation brings a variety of capabilities to Accenture that dramatically improve field operations through the design, installation, remediation and maintenance of operational technology.


Integrating and automating field technology and control systems to improve operational safety and efficiency

Industrial Information Technology

Enabling data sharing, communications, and analysis while maximizing system security and reliability
  • Wireless network design and implementation
  • Distributed network design
  • Structure cabling systems, including fiber optic and copper
  • IT systems architecture
  • Obsolescence planning and system migrations
  • System health checks
  • Mobile radio and vessel traffic systems

Enterprise Data Solutions

Transforming operations data into valuable information and delivering it to end-users throughout the enterprise
  • Historian design, programming, and implementation
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) development
  • Custom reporting
  • Exception-based surveillance enablement
  • Data collection and validation
  • Process workflow creation and implementation
  • Laboratory information management systems (LIMS)

Industrial Cyber Security

Securing critical infrastructure with cyber security services designed specifically for industrial control systems (ICS)
  • ICS security assessments
  • ICS cyber security training (online and onsite)
  • Network security evaluations and remediation
  • Firewall configuration and implementation
  • System whitelisting
  • User access controls
  • ICS cyber security incident management
  • ICS cyber security program consulting and management
  • Network and endpoint remediation services
  • Retained services and system health checks


Together, Accenture Asset and Operations Services + Cimation are unmatched providers of end-to-end industrial asset and operations services.

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Deep consulting, digital and asset-specific expertise

Extensive experience and detailed process excellence models to help clients transform how they maintain, operate and optimize their assets.

Broad suite of innovative asset and operations services

From the digital worker platform and advanced manufacturing/production optimization to maintenance and reliability services.

Detailed predictive analytics based on operational data

Harnessing the power of previously untapped operational data to improve asset productivity and reliability.

Vendor-agnostic expertise across all market-leading vendors

Cimation’s OT skills and experience dovetail with Accenture’s enterprise perspective of industrial operations.

Extensive field experience working in process control environments

Regularly deploying skilled consultants who understand the importance of safety in hazardous conditions.

Industrial control systems cyber security practice

Investing in people, processes and technology to protect critical infrastructure.


Transformative operations technology and information technology capabilities reinforced by real-world industry experience


To find out more about Cimation and Accenture, please send us your details via our contact form.

Accenture Asset and Operations Services helps asset-intensive industries improve operational performance across the value chain.