In brief

In brief

  • As we emerge from the pandemic, cloud adoption by APAC governments is powering ahead.
  • Cloud-first is the imperative. Not just for flexibility, scalability and new resilience. But for sustainability too.
  • But cloud migration isn’t a standalone destination. It’s just the start of a constantly evolving journey.
  • Once governments recognize this, there are four key actions they need to take to realise ongoing value through this ‘Cloud Continuum’ of opportunity.

Into the era of compressed transformation

Just like in other industries, digitisation in governments hasn’t been limited to pandemic-related priorities. Globally we’ve seen public service organisations accelerating their digital investments to respond to immediate issues, drive operational efficiencies and sustainably meet citizen demands.

The one technology that has fundamentally enabled this accelerated digitisation, what we call ‘compressed transformation’? The cloud.

Powering ahead in APAC

Public service organisations have been making significant advances in cloud adoption beyond migration. Now they can build on existing momentum to scale their digital transformations and drive towards a new era of innovation.

In APAC, public sector organisations are at an inflection point: cloud-powered digital transformations are set to soar.

IDC data estimates public cloud spending by APAC governments (including China and Japan) will hit US$12.6 billion in 2025. According to Accenture’s “Public Service cloud: A continuum of opportunity” research, 45% of the public service leaders indicated that their organization has established a cloud centre of excellence in the past year.

83% of public service agencies strongly agree that cloud is essential to fuel innovation and new business models.

A journey, not a destination

Transformation through connected technology, empowered by cloud, is only the start of the journey.

Instead of viewing cloud adoption as the destination, organizations should see cloud as a future-proofing continuum—spanning from public cloud to the edge and everything in between—all dynamically supported by next-gen connectivity like 5G and software-defined networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and robotics.

So, what can public service organisations do to ensure that they maximise the value that the cloud continuum provides?

Bottom line? Take an outcomes-focused approach and put citizens and workforce at the heart of execution. This will enable them to get the most from their adoption of cloud—while avoiding unnecessary costs, unwanted risks, and legacy headaches.

Four key practices to maximise value from the cloud continuum

Without a continually evolving vision for the cloud journey, there’s a risk of missing out on the benefits. There are countless approaches and solutions to choose from—but we’ve identified four key practices that will help APAC governments develop the best cloud strategy for their specific needs:

1. Prioritize experiences for citizens

To harness the long-term value of cloud initiatives, public service organisations need to put people at the heart of their digital transformation strategy. This is already happening. According to Accenture’s research, 48% of public service executives have pursued increased citizen value as a key organizational goal, while 45% have pursued faster time-to-market for new services globally.

2. Prioritize experiences for the workforce

To add more value for citizens, public service organisations must reimagine the way their employees use and interact with technology, as well as consider how cloud solutions can enhance their everyday work experiences.

To implement new ways of working, agency leaders should consider how to empower employees to play a bigger role in shaping their future workplace experiences. Public service organisations that focus on this ‘human’ aspect of cloud adoption are poised to reap benefits including improved employee retention and increased innovation to build a future-ready workforce.

3. Establish standard practices to support constant ongoing adoption of new technologies and operating models

Commercial cloud computing is the pathway for government agencies to transform into innovative citizen-centric service delivery organisations. It’s why 59% of public services leaders expect to increase their total cloud spend between 2020 to 2024.

A key consideration? Establish cloud-first policies that set out the wider intention to move to cloud. Once these are established, and the right infrastructure is in place, their IT teams can more effectively engineer ‘born-in-the-cloud’ or ‘cloud-native’ solutions – and procurement can be confident it’s selecting and implementing the right cloud solutions.

4. Understand the need for continuous commitment from leadership

Today’s cloud solutions offer public service agencies the opportunity to shift their focus away from cutting costs and towards a mindset of harnessing the cloud to move fast, scale, and innovate. It is vital for public agency leaders to define a clear, outcomes-based vision, and ensure new IT structures are closely aligned with organisational goals at every stage of the cloud journey.

For cloud transformation to succeed, government leaders must effectively communicate the purpose—their ‘North Star’—and set a clear mandate for all team members to understand the vision, cloud best-practices and desired outcomes.

Committing to continuous cloud reinvention

Leading public service organisations in APAC are harnessing the benefits of cloud to service communities more effectively, surpass citizens’ rising expectations and retain top talent. They need to view cloud as integral to their transformation journeys—from on-premise to cloud migration to growing and innovating with the cloud.

It’s time to press ahead—commitment to continuous reinvention in the cloud will enable next-generation experiences for citizens and workforce alike.


Peter Moore – Regional Managing Director for Public Sector, Asia-Pacific & Japan, AWS

Kapil Bansal – GSI Partner Lead, Public Sector, ASEAN, AWS

Michael Power – Public Sector, Asia-Pacific & Japan, AWS

Sophia Kim – Cloud Transformation Lead, Public Sector, Asia-Pacific & Japan, AWS

Pavan Sethi

Managing Director – AABG Lead, AAPAC

Pradeep Roy

Managing Director — Accenture Research

Shachi Jain

Research Associate Manager – Accenture Research


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