Coronavirus is a global pandemic

Amid this health and humanitarian emergency, the priority is to protect the health and safety of people, including in their workplaces. Leaders must make rapid decisions, and take immediate actions, to protect and support their workers while ensuring that critical business operations continue.

How healthcare organizations should respond - now

Health plans and providers in the healthcare industry are assessing and quickly mobilizing to respond to emerging threats and impacts of COVID-19 using these steps:

Surge Response

Scale virtual care messaging and visits for quarantined and/or "concerned well" patients

Enable triage of concerned patients

Prepare to triage and prioritize scarce assets—assess options to create facility and resource capacity

Launch and maintain COVID-19 digital communications and virtual assistants

Create COVID-19 hotlines for members and patients

Expand contact center virtualization and surge staffing

Business Continuity

Assess and address potential supply chain disruption

Validate business continuity plans—internal and with external partners

Prepare to ‘return to normal’ as efficiently as feasible—think long-term

Prepare and enable telecommuting and remote resources

Explore options to address employee childcare during crisis

Assess and report financial impact (i.e., hot reporting)

Financial Stabilization and Sustainability

Address near-term financial response

Model future scenarios and impacts on financial plans

Manage reputational risk with transparent financial reporting and community leadership

Focus on immediate cash flow and liquidity

Capture charges for new services, assets, and locations

Deploy interim labor strategies to balance demand, safety, and expense

Communication and Collaboration

Increase community education activities

Establish employee relations hotline for COVID-19

Prioritize media and government agency relations activities—establish priority channels and cadence

Prepare to augment clinical capacity and activate community health resources

Monitoring and Reporting

Continuously assess and monitor potential COVID-19 threats

Perform COVID-19-specific social media monitoring

Create and utilize predictive models to forecast potential impact

Confirm operations census and KPI reporting is available

Anticipate and prepare for mandated reporting (federal, state and local)

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a health and humanitarian crisis, and it is also an economic shock. Now is the time for healthcare leaders worldwide to rapidly assess and respond to these fast-changing developments and the ensuing impact on their people, customers and organizations.

What’s next?

A rapid response is required to proactively manage—and be ready to react to—the ever-changing challenges of COVID-19.

Accenture is at the ready with assets and technology enablers to help you respond rapidly across clinical, call center and other operational areas to ensure business continuity, communication and collaboration.

Accenture's COVID-19 response center framework includes specific market actions, differentiated assets and capabilities, and innovative technology enablers.


Healthcare organizations must consider how to adapt to the structural changes to markets and operations that will remain once the virus has been contained, addressing lasting impact to commercial, consumer and civic life through new technologies for permanently shifted consumer habits, and market resilience and competitiveness.

As the situation unfolds, we will update our materials, so please check back.

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