Today, the transformative nature of technology is a critical factor for not just companies, but nations as well, to determine how we will move and thrive in the future. Leading companies are embracing the future faster than others by transforming their core business while scaling new ones – before they are forced to.

The challenge is making strategic technology investments and decisions. The Wise Pivot survey in Malaysia indicated that less than one third of companies surveyed are confident that they have the right level of investment capacity to transform themselves.

5 measures that companies should consider to guide their technology adoption and selection:

  1. Talent Readiness
  2. Capital Adequacy
  3. Ecosystem Maturity
  4. Adoption Intensity
  5. Value Potential

Malaysia Reimagined NOW | Adrian Lim

Accenture's video explains some of the latest tech trends driving Malaysia's growth and can enhance technology efficiency. See more.

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Adrian Lim

Managing Director – Accenture Technology, Southeast Asia


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