In the quest to make the Wise Pivot, companies need to fund their innovation activities to transform and grow their core, while scaling the New.

The usual route for funding is to increase debt, talk to investors, drive aggressive cost reductions internally, cutting corners or even reducing the number of staff. But the funds could actually come from within the company, and in a sustainable way—the ZBx way.

ZBx is an organisation-wide approach centered around forensic visibility into resources that allows companies to take out bad costs and optimize good costs to help fund their wise pivot.

ZBx allow organisations to fuel growth and competitiveness by driving:

  1. AGILITY over austerity
  2. VISIBILITY over guesswork
  3. FUTURE over the past

To save money you need to know what you spend, in very detail. Creating that visibility is where saving starts. Beyond the visibility, when people know what to save for, the motivation is higher. Companies that have thrived in their cost reduction journeys are those that have been very successful bringing across the purpose of that journey to their employees.

And that purpose is growth, it has to be growth, full stop.

Sven Ruytinx

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Southeast Asia


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