Malaysia Reimagined Now

Organisations today are at an inflection point. Business leaders know that to thrive in the digital age, it requires them to take on the disruptive forces changing their industry with speed and continuous innovation. Our Wise Pivot C-level survey shows that 80 percent of Malaysian companies are still tackling disruption with periodic, reactive and typically rapid responses, often leading to short term, incremental changes.

In the face of an era of epic disruptions, corporate leaders need to find the right balance between focusing on their core business and expanding into the new. Malaysia has the opportunity to leapfrog into the future and to unlock value benefits that goes beyond organisations, but towards building a Malaysia Reimagined, Now.

To create that Malaysia, organisations should focus on these 6 key areas:

  1. Be hyper relevant for the people.
  2. Reimagine work and transform the workforce.
  3. Create a new culture of innovation.
  4. Drive cost efficiency.
  5. Deploy strategic technologies that will leapfrog our capabilities.
  6. Drive innovation agenda throughout the country.

With innovation applied pervasively throughout, Malaysia will be on track to become a nation reimagined for the next generation.

Azwan Baharuddin

Country Managing Director – Accenture Malaysia

Ridhuan Sidek

Managing Director – Communications, Media & Technology


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