The secret to innovation? Your workplace culture.

Innovation equals survival. It’s well documented that in this age of widespread disruption, companies must innovate continuously, creating new markets, experiences, products, services, content or processes.

So how can leaders encourage innovation? It’s more than recruiting the brightest minds. While having the best talent is clearly an asset, people need the right culture to flourish.

Accenture has found that a culture of equality—the same kind of workplace environment that helps everyone advance to higher positions—is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth.

Accenture calculates that global gross domestic product would increase by up to US$8 trillion by 2028 if innovation mindset in all countries were raised by 10 percent.

This means that building a culture of equality is not just an ethical imperative, but a business priority. If organizations want to thrive, they have to “get to equal.”

The power of a workplace culture of equality to drive employees’ innovation mindset—or their willingness and ability to innovate—is strong. It has more impact than age or gender and leads to an increase in innovation mindset in all industries and all countries. In fact, employees’ innovation mindset is six times higher in the most equal cultures than in the least equal ones.

Innovation mindset

Malaysia Reimagined NOW | Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee, Associate Director of Accenture Technology talks about how technology can enable more equal culture. See more

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Nicole Lee

Associate Director, Lead – Inclusion & Diversity, Accenture Technology


Cultivating a culture of gender equality

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