In brief

In brief

  • Our new report describes practical steps banks can take to get ready for the future with SAP S/4HANA®.
  • Accenture’s cloud coupling architecture facilitates better user experiences, innovation and more.
  • The SAP Cloud Platform® is a future-ready platform that can help banks seeking double-digit revenue growth.
  • Start your transformation journey with a digital decoupling and silo-spanning assessment—Accenture is here to help.

Protect your profitability and boost revenues

The banking industry faces disruption on all sides. From new players and digital business models to technology evolving at unprecedented speed and scale, the sector is constantly changing. But our research shows that digital maturity increasingly correlates with better efficiency. And that means rising returns on investment for banks willing to act boldly.

The decisions banks make today affect their business on many levels—immediately and into the future. Smart leaders recognize this. They’re willing to seize the opportunities a digital transformation can provide to maneuver their way through the uncertainty and position their business for greater resilience and productivity.

An important first step is to come up with a revised business strategy, in line with new finance and IT strategies, and communicate it clearly to shareholders, employees, regulators and communities. Each bank will have different requirements for governance, information management, process models, organization and people, the delivery model and technology. But wherever they’re located in the world, we recommend banks consider three foundational elements.

Consider three major foundations

1. Innovation

Tech natives and digital challenger banks are disrupting incumbent revenue streams. It’s time to switch gears to remain at the forefront of banking.

2. Lower costs

Many banks have huge legacy system debt and high maintenance costs. They need new IT platforms that are more cost effective, flexible and scalable.

3. New technology architecture

Cloud coupling with SAP S/4HANA® is a future-proof architecture that enables tech-led innovation and disruptive business models—starting right now.

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Enable new banking now

Accenture’s cloud coupling architecture enables banks to transform their current legacy and SAP® systems and build a stronger foundation. It helps them develop innovative new products and services, quickly respond to market challenges and opportunities, reduce the total cost of ownership and better manage risk . Cloud coupling facilitates:

Business user experiences

  • Use the Open Data Initiative and SAP® machine learning to predict and anticipate. And build systems around your people and your customers.
  • Supercharge your relationship managers with intelligent decision support systems and a client focus.
  • Fully capture Open Banking opportunities.

Innovation enablement

  • Enable innovation with a clean and standard SAP S/4HANA® digital core, with connections to extensions and cloud solutions.
  • Make all data available for consumption in new applications, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and intelligent automation to drive business innovations and process efficiencies.


  • Develop one dataset that includes all transactions, stored at the item level, centrally available on multi-core and in parallel, with analytics and AI.
  • Leverage a pre-defined financial services data model.
  • Use data and insights to steer the bank and feed the finance and risk applications with consistent, high-quality information.

Valuable insights

  • Go beyond SAP S/4HANA® standard functionality with the SAP Cloud Platform®.
  • Add more value and insights to SAP S/4HANA® by combining the SAP HANA® data platform with cloud services.
  • Develop an open data architecture to unlock SAP® data and build capabilities beyond the boundaries of traditional SAP® systems, using differentiating cloud services.

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Jumpstart your cloud transformation journey

For banks looking to open new revenue streams, realize quick wins, access data instantly and enable innovation now, we recommend beginning with:

  • A digital decoupling assessment. Swiftly evaluate the bank’s capabilities across a multitude of factors and prioritize where to focus.
  • A silo-spanning assessment. Understand the full potential for new tech-led innovation, aggressive cost reduction and legacy decommissioning—with a clear focus on business transformation, value and resilience.

Banks don’t have to go it alone. Our banking consulting services are powered by deep industry experience and backed by a truly global presence. With 50 banking delivery centers around the world including India, Spain, China and the Philippines, wherever you are, we’re there with you.

About the Authors

Herbert Callens

Senior Managing Director – Integrated Platforms Lead

Alan McIntyre

Senior Industry Director – Banking

Nico Flemming

Lead – SAP Finance Transformation, Europe

Peter David

Managing Director – SAP Lead, Financial Services, Europe

Neerja Aurora

Managing Director – SAP Advisory Lead, Financial Services


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