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Next Generation Workforce

Competing For The Workforce Of The Future Requires A Pivot To The New HR

Today’s business challenges can be attributed to six areas impacting people and organization talent
Digital HR

Digital HR is empowered by tools, technology and analytics to enable a high performing workforce, an engaging employee experience, and the ability to quickly scale and grow with market demands.

Digital Organization

Digital Organization delivers an engaging employee and customer experience through leading organization structure and processes, empowered with digital capabilities and analytics—from corporate to call centers, and stores—wherever people connect and engage.

Talent Acquisition And Onboarding Talent Acquisition & Onboarding
Culture And Organization Culture & Organization
HR Operations HR Operations
Learning And Development Learning & Development
Performance Management Performance Management & Succession
Workforce Planning & Analytics Workforce Planning & Analytics
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New HR Left

As organizations pivot toward enabling world-class employee experiences and therefore, world-class customer experiences, the role of HR executives will be transformed.

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New HR Right

In a highly competitive environment, attracting top tier workers is difficult, and engaging and retaining them even more so.

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What Businesses Need

To increase business value as work becomes more dynamic and integrated, Digital HR impacts the business at three levels:
A Digital Foundation
A Digital Foundation

Focus on operational costs: Make sure the workforce is filling the right roles, using the right technologies, and meeting critical compliance requirements.

A Competitive Advantage
A Competitive Advantage

Increase productivity and efficiency: The workforce should be on-demand, liquid, and responsive, as well as continuously retooling their business needs.

A Market Leading Position
A Market Leading Position

Drive innovation and connectivity: Ensure the workforce creates and optimizes the customer experience, taps into all knowledge networks, and creates a competitive advantage for the organization.

What We Think

A Perspective

Sevasti Wong Interview Thumbnail

Hear from Sevasti Wong, Managing Director, Communications, Media & Technology, Talent & Organization Lead, as she discusses the future of work and the next generation workforce.

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Jessica Kane
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