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Lifetime Value of Content


Customers AND content drive revenue growth for platform companies

Content is foundational to platform companies’ business value and content operations are critical to their success. Despite this importance, most have focused on customers and customer engagement when trying to maximize business performance. Now the tides are shifting. In a future where content continues to evolve and expand, platform companies must also think about maximizing the value of every piece of content that resides on their platform. And, as with customers, not all content has equal value.

The net value of content is a function of four levers

  1. The quality of the content in the inventory

  2. The costs associated with managing it

  3. The utility that the platform drives from the content

  4. The speed with which it is published

The four-lever equation provides perspective on ways to maximize the overall content value on the platform. But, platform companies need to recognize one more aspect to take this to the next level: just as customers are not equal, neither is content. Some content—either a content type, or from a particular source, or on a particular topic—drives inherently more utility on their platform. If the other value levers can be managed successfully, then that content will, by definition, be more valuable.

Download our latest POV to see how companies can segment and prioritize content to maximize its lifetime value.