Organisations must change mindset to keep young talent

As reported in The Edge Financial Daily, 24 May 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: Young employees are more interested in showing their worth and delivering results faster, which means that organizations that want to attract and keep young talent must change their mindset.

Yaarit Silverstone, managing director of Accenture’s talent and organisation performance, said: “It’s not like before, when employees started at the bottom, and worked their way to the top.

“Now, they can start at the bottom but want to work their way up through multiple projects, perhaps as a team leader in some.”

Companies must structure their work plan with interesting projects to fulfill the needs of the young talent who want to be involved not only over the long term but also in projects, she told reporters at a briefing yesterday.

Silverstone said companies should know where to place and how to develop their employees and build leadership into the management system.

“They also must know their community of practice, how to connect with manufacturers and drive services. If people coming into the company over time see that they are getting boring and routine work, particularly if they are highly capable, they don’t want to stay on in such an environment,” she said.

Silverstone said young talents only like companies which they feel are moving ahead, thinking ahead and have a lot of collaboration. – Bernama