Experts: Future leaders need new skills to survive

As reported in The Star, 27 December 2012

PETALING JAYA: Many nations around the world are opening their doors to foreign talent, including Malaysia. As the country becomes increasingly integrated with the rest of the world, future leaders will need a new skills set to cope with the changes.

A key challenge will be learning how to deal with a multi-cultural and multi-generational workforce, said Experis Asia Pacific and the Middle East managing director Sam Haggag.

“Future leaders need to be effective in managing diversity and expectations in a rapidly changing world.

“Countries are opening up for talent to come. In Malaysia, you see more and more foreigners in the workplace.

“They supplement areas where we have a shortage of talent. This makes the workplace more dynamic and challenging,” he said.

Another key quality for future leaders is adaptability, said Accenture Management Consulting Malaysia managing director Low Choy Huat.

“It is important to navigate situations to achieve a desired outcome in the new world where things change and technology moves at warp speed,” he said.

“The ability to quickly adapt in changing situations, at both personal and organisational levels, is key as high-performing organisations focus on speed and certainty of outcomes.”

The process of identifying and nurturing talent should begin at home, said Kirkby International College president Bismillah Kader.

“The family sets a strong and healthy foundation for leadership training.

“We need to groom our children who will be future leaders by providing a good example at home,” she said.