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Brian Whipple

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Interactive


Brian leads the charge for Accenture Interactive globally. His career is sandwiched by Accenture – he started here and worked through a variety of strategy and consulting roles. Today he is the senior managing director of Accenture Interactive, responsible for the full scope of work we do across design, marketing, content and commerce. In the middle of that Accenture sandwich, he worked with both HILL HOLLIDAY and RAPP, honing his experience in brands; customer experience; digital strategy, innovation and technology; marketing and customer analytics and generally all things related to today’s digital consumer.

Today, Brian is focused on building our Accenture Interactive business by working with Fortune 500 clients around the world, telling our story to the media and industry analyst community and expanding our global footprint through acquisitions like avVenta, Acquity Group, Fjord, Reactive Media, and Brightstep to name a few. @Bhwhipple