Today's customers want information at a moment's notice, and they are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to satisfy their needs. Recognizing this fact, a global banking group sought to improve its customer experience, and asked Accenture to help introduce a new mobility solution to its sales force. With its deep wealth management and technology experience, Accenture developed a demo iPad application that would enable the bank to reach potential customers in the comfort of their own homes.

Not only has the application provided financial advisors with many functionalities, including a single view of the customer, reporting capabilities and "what if" scenarios, it has also enabled customers to review their portfolios and keep in touch with their advisors while on the go. The innovative mobility solution has already resulted in a more flexible and efficient advisory experience.

Strategy and solution

Accenture helped the bank develop an innovative iPad application that simplifies the advisory process and allows the bank to reach potential customers in their homes.

The demo application has many functionalities and provides financial advisors with:

  • A single view of the customer
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Advisory processes
  • "What if" scenarios
  • Stock index benchmarking of the portfolio
  • A position aggregator

The demo offers a wide-range of scenarios in real-time according to the customer profile, and is fully integrated with the sales agenda and market data.


Accenture provided the bank with a mobility solution for both its financial advisors and its wealth management customers, who will be able to use the application to review the performance of their portfolios and to keep in touch with their advisors. The application has already increased the flexibility and efficiency of the advisory experience.

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