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Consulting Analyst

Kickstart your consulting career journey in a variety of interesting work across industries and domains where you will build a diverse set of core consulting skills, such as business analysis, process improvement and technical expertise.

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Help clients create effective digital and technology solutions by leveraging on your programming skills and the latest technologies.

Business Process Analyst

Drive superior business performance and help our clients gain new insights and achieve greater efficiency.

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Gain real-life experience and important skills which will put you in good stead for your career ahead.

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Starting a career is different for each of us: you might want to drive success for clients, perhaps you're a problem solver at heart, or inspired by an entrepreneurial freedom to challenge convention. Behind each of our Accenture people is a unique story of pursuit to be greater than.

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“Accenture empowered me throughout my experience with various projects. I was able to meet management stakeholders and establish relationships with them while providing support.”

Cloud Transformation and Migration Analyst
Accenture Operations

Running and rock climbing adrenaline junkie

What was your impression of Accenture before joining, and how did this change over time?

I have always looked up to giant companies like Accenture. Being a leader in several industries, I assumed that Accenture would be very hierarchical and full of intelligent people. The latter remains true, but the former couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was quite a shock for me that everyone was approachable, especially the bosses. This made it a lot easier for me to speak my mind and be myself.

What are you most proud about in working at Accenture?

For me, working in Accenture makes me feel that I am making a difference in the world. Suggestions and ideas that I bring up are taken seriously and, through time and testing, may eventually come to fruition.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

My team is a great mix of talents who are all very dependable and willing to get things done. My leads believe in a non-hierarchal structure and are all humble and welcoming. My fellow teammates are also always willing to lend a helping hand.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

I feel that folks at Accenture are down-to-earth and friendly. Being authentic seems like a natural thing to do when everyone is friendly and accommodating. It makes it easier to have personal connections that last outside of work.


“Accenture makes sure we adapt to change and stay relevant. Innovative ideas and feedback are gladly welcomed and shared.”

Digital Marketing Analyst
Accenture Digital


Why did you choose to join Accenture over other options?

I wanted to experience working with different industries. I know I would have this opportunity with Accenture.

Describe your role in Accenture.

As a digital analyst, I translate data to actionable items for my clients. I focus on content, commerce and marketing practice. I currently work with client from the FMCG industry to deliver quality insights that reflects on the sales performance of the company. On top of my projects, I also work with my colleagues for internal Accenture Interactive events such as Innovation Infusion for Accenture Interactive ASEAN.

Describe an interesting project that you worked on. What was your role in this?

I was part of a team that launched a pilot ecommerce project in India. I was in charge of collecting raw data, which we then transformed into an enhanced report. The process required patience and endurance, and I am proud to say we were able to deliver the project.

What are you most proud about working at Accenture?

I’m glad to be part of a company that serves most of the businesses in the Fortune Global 500 list. It’s also great to be surrounded by colleagues who are down to earth and true to themselves. They make me feel comfortable to be myself, too.


“The thing I am most proud about working in Accenture is the people. We hire only the best talent for our business.”

Management Consulting Analyst
Accenture Consulting

Confident, vibrant, versatile

What was your impression of Accenture before joining, and how did this change over time?

I strongly believe that Accenture will provide me with great learning opportunities and exposure as we work with more than three-quarters of the Fortune 500 companies. That was my impression then, and it still rings true today.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

We believe in tapping into the strengths of others and value teamwork. In addition, we collaborate with colleagues around the world to solve our business challenges.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

Accenture allows us to identify what we naturally do best. We are encouraged to discuss with our career counsellors and project managers our aspirations and what we are good at before we start a new project.

What are some of your passions and interests? How did Accenture support you in pursuing it?

I’m passionate about public speaking, and I attend public speaking classes during weekdays after work. Accenture supports my passion by encouraging employees to have work-life balance and to take care of our total selves—body, mind, heart and soul—so we can be our best, professionally and personally.

Pak Tung

“Today’s emerging technologies are changing the way we do things—fast. Accenture continuously adapts to stay fresh, relevant, innovative and ahead of the curve.”

Strategy Analyst
Accenture Strategy


Why did you join Accenture?

Accenture is a unique global organization that works at the intersection of business and technology—you often see this line in our marketing materials; however, this is not just a gimmick. Accenture truly has the full spectrum of talent, from business strategists to technology experts. The breadth and depth of our capabilities allow us to apply digital to real-world problems and bring our global clients to the New. Gaining exposure to the latest business trends and getting to work with industry leaders enticed me to become part of the organization.

Describe your role in Accenture.

As a consultant, there are many facets to what I do, but it all boils down to helping our clients overcome their business challenges. In Accenture Strategy, we help our customers address their problems by helping answer the questions “What should we do?” and “How can we do it?”

Describe an interesting project which you are particularly proud of. What was your role in this?

I was part of a project for a global beverage manufacturer who wanted to achieve cost savings. The initiative included identifying the client’s cost structures across its decentralized operating regions. My team was tasked with analyzing the company’s operations in ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand. We did a lot of number crunching, and it was interesting to see that each region had unique market trends, regulations and business strategies. With all these in consideration, we came up with highly customized strategies that focused on growth-oriented investments.

What are you most proud about working at Accenture?

Accenture is committed to running an ethical and inclusive business. In fact, Integrity is one of our core values. I’m proud to work for a company that puts focus on integrity and accountability.

Xing Yee

“Accenture is always ahead in embracing the challenges of rapid change in technology and industries. Our people are passionate about making the world work better.”

Xing Yee
Business and Integration Architecture Senior Analyst
Accenture Technology

Active, Analytical, Animated

What was your impression of Accenture before joining, and how did this change over time?

I believed that Accenture offered a pathway to rich and diverse learning experiences. I anticipated solving real-world problems with innovation and creative solutions, and it really is happening.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

I am part of a team whose members come from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. We work hard to achieve our goals together—but, we also play hard, often going on a team lunch or dinner after work.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

In Accenture, our core values of inclusion and diversity means we celebrate our differences in ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation. It puts me at ease knowing I am respected and valued for being myself in the workplace.

What are some of your passion and interests? How does Accenture support you in pursuing it?

At Accenture, we strive to be Truly Human by nurturing our body, mind, heart and soul. As a fitness enthusiast, I get lots of encouragement to maximize the benefits of my classes in yoga and Pilates. We also receive perks such as wellbeing products and services.

Yu Neng

“I joined Accenture so I can learn and have a rewarding career at the same time.”

Security Consulting Analyst
Accenture Security

Buff and outdoorsy professional gamer

What are you most proud about working at Accenture or what Accenture represents?

I’m proud of Accenture’s commitment to its clients and how we always deliver the best of the best. We always practice and emphasize integrity and ethics, which I find are important values for one’s career.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

We are a very fun, energetic and cohesive team of 12 people, from six different countries and seven different races. Hangouts and discussions are super fun and humorous due to the diversity of cultures. There’s never a dull moment.

How does Accenture allow you to “be yourself”?

Accenture provides me the opportunity to give my best in every aspect of my work. I always aim to deliver top-notch services to our clients.

How does Accenture inspire you to innovate or make a difference?

The people of Accenture who always perform above and beyond, and the culture ingrained in the company provides me that drive and motivation to make a difference.

What makes an Accenture career different?

Make a difference

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From internships to full-time opportunities, you can join a collaborative community of leaders and peers ready to mentor, coach and encourage you to be your best. Be a part of an environment that celebrates and supports our differences. Work with the smartest people and see how, together, we’re much smarter. Bring on the real you, and together we’ll make big things happen.

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