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Whatever you're passionate about, make the most of it in a career with Accenture. Whether you're a strategic thinker, a digital innovator, a tech wizard, or a business problem solver, you'll find an exciting career path on the cutting edge.

We'd love to get to know your unique blend of talents and help you explore and grow them further. How far will you go?

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Starting a career is different for each of us: you might want to drive success for clients, perhaps you're a problem solver at heart, or inspired by an entrepreneurial freedom to challenge convention. Behind each of our Accenture people is a unique story of pursuit to be greater than.

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“Accenture empowered me throughout my experience with various projects. I was able to meet management stakeholders and establish relationships with them while providing support.”

Cloud Transformation and Migration Analyst
Accenture Operations

Running and rock climbing adrenaline junkie

What was your impression of Accenture before joining, and how did this change over time?

I have always looked up to giant companies like Accenture. Being a leader in several industries, I assumed that Accenture would be very hierarchical and full of intelligent people. The latter remains true, but the former couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was quite a shock for me that everyone was approachable, especially the bosses. This made it a lot easier for me to speak my mind and be myself.

What are you most proud about in working at Accenture?

For me, working in Accenture makes me feel that I am making a difference in the world. Suggestions and ideas that I bring up are taken seriously and, through time and testing, may eventually come to fruition.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

My team is a great mix of talents who are all very dependable and willing to get things done. My leads believe in a non-hierarchal structure and are all humble and welcoming. My fellow teammates are also always willing to lend a helping hand.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

I feel that folks at Accenture are down-to-earth and friendly. Being authentic seems like a natural thing to do when everyone is friendly and accommodating. It makes it easier to have personal connections that last outside of work.


“The digital industry as we know it is fast-paced. Accenture ensures we stay relevant by investing in strategic acquisitions and knowledge transfer.”

Digital Marketing Consultant
Accenture Digital

Guitar player and photographer

Why did you choose to join Accenture over other options?

I wanted to work for a firm that ventured into the digital domain. Thankfully, Accenture Interactive creates innovative experiences for clients who want to become truly digital enterprises.

Describe your role in Accenture.

I work with some of the brightest people who help clients transform their digital businesses and strategies to redefine the end user experience. We dabble with the latest capabilities, technologies and digital channels to deliver transformational solutions.

Describe an interesting project that you worked on. What was your role in this?

I was part of the core team that launched a leading telecom operator’s first retail flagship store in the Philippines. The company wanted to become the ultimate hub for the digitally connected Filipino. We launched three more retail storeys after that.

What are you most proud about working at Accenture?

I’m proud of the unique strengths and skills that my colleagues and I bring to the table. I also enjoy working and growing with my everyone in our team.


“The thing I am most proud about working in Accenture is the people. We hire only the best talent for our business.”

Management Consulting Analyst
Accenture Consulting

Confident, vibrant, versatile

What was your impression of Accenture before joining, and how did this change over time?

I strongly believe that Accenture will provide me with great learning opportunities and exposure as we work with more than three-quarters of the Fortune 500 companies. That was my impression then, and it still rings true today.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

We believe in tapping into the strengths of others and value teamwork. In addition, we collaborate with colleagues around the world to solve our business challenges.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

Accenture allows us to identify what we naturally do best. We are encouraged to discuss with our career counsellors and project managers our aspirations and what we are good at before we start a new project.

What are some of your passions and interests? How did Accenture support you in pursuing it?

I’m passionate about public speaking, and I attend public speaking classes during weekdays after work. Accenture supports my passion by encouraging employees to have work-life balance and to take care of our total selves—body, mind, heart and soul—so we can be our best, professionally and personally.


“My team is great. We are open about our strengths and weaknesses, and we complement each other.”

Strategy Consultant
Accenture Strategy

Writer, researcher, psychologist

Why did you join Accenture?

I left the academia to explore corporate career options. Strategy consulting appeared to be the best bridge between research and corporate as it uses the same hypotheses-driven approach in problem solving. Accenture stood out for me for its end-to-end capability and culture.

Describe an interesting project that you worked on. What was your role in this?

In the Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) project, I led a functional design team to create ZBB budget templates. Towards the end of the project, it was nice to see the client apply our recommendations.

What are you most proud about working at Accenture?

I am most proud that Accenture is made up of a diverse group of individuals, each with knowledge in different areas. Everyone is willing to share what they are working on, giving you an opportunity to learn about different subjects beyond the immediate scope of your work.

How does Accenture inspire you to innovate or make a difference?

Accenture people are welcoming and always open to new ideas. As long as I’m clear about what I want to achieve, doors can be opened with a simple e-mail.


“Working with Accenture’s global clients pushed me to be more committed and knowledgeable about our products and solutions.”

Business and Integration Architecture Senior Analyst
Accenture Technology

World traveler and fitness junkie

Describe an interesting project that you worked on which you are particularly proud of. What was your role in this?

I think the most interesting project I had would be the SAP S/4 HANA project implementation, which runs on the cloud. My role then was to implement finance-related functions, such as Goods and Services Tax(GST). It was fun and exciting for me, since I had hands-on experience using the latest in technology.

What are you most proud about working at Accenture?

I’m glad that we’re not only exposed to top-notch technologies, but also to the best people. We had a highly engaging new joiners’ orientation (NJO), where we met and made new friends. There are also many activities organized by the Kuala Lumpur Recreational Club (KLRC), such as dodgeball and board games, allowing me to meet like-minded people.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

Accenture people are very receptive to my ideas and suggestions. I get to be my best self when I’m discussing concepts with others. In case something is not clear, I can easily reach out to my career advisor or project manager. They do their best to accommodate my needs, and that in turn helps me grow in my career.

What are some of your passions and interests? How does Accenture support you in pursuing it?

My passion is to travel around the world. There are so many places that I’m interested in, and there’s so much to do in so little time. Accenture supports this by allowing me to take short breaks to unwind.

Yu Neng

“I joined Accenture so I can learn and have a rewarding career at the same time.”

Security Consulting Analyst
Accenture Security

Buff and outdoorsy professional gamer

What are you most proud about working at Accenture or what Accenture represents?

I’m proud of Accenture’s commitment to its clients and how we always deliver the best of the best. We always practice and emphasize integrity and ethics, which I find are important values for one’s career.

Tell us about your team—the culture, diversity and working style.

We are a very fun, energetic and cohesive team of 12 people, from six different countries and seven different races. Hangouts and discussions are super fun and humorous due to the diversity of cultures. There’s never a dull moment.

How does Accenture allow you to “be yourself”?

Accenture provides me the opportunity to give my best in every aspect of my work. I always aim to deliver top-notch services to our clients.

How does Accenture inspire you to innovate or make a difference?

The people of Accenture who always perform above and beyond, and the culture ingrained in the company provides me that drive and motivation to make a difference.

What makes an Accenture career different?

Make a difference

Work with the biggest brands on game-changing projects.

From internships to full-time opportunities, you can join a collaborative community of leaders and peers ready to mentor, coach and encourage you to be your best. Be a part of an environment that celebrates and supports our differences. Work with the smartest people and see how, together, we’re much smarter. Bring on the real you, and together we’ll make big things happen.


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