Veera B.


Veera B.


Software Engineering Analyst



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Technology Architecture


BS in I.T. (Hons) – Univ. Industri Selangor

What I Do

I joined Accenture through the Graduate Trainee Program and my first assignment was to work in SAP Business Intelligence. Being a fresh graduate, it was a challenge for me to adapt to the new working environment straight from university. With the help of my colleagues, I eventually learned to fit into the Accenture culture.

Being a shy person, I have always preferred working alone. But upon completing my first project, my perception changed. I learned that working in a team is much more effective and efficient to accomplish tasks. This experience has helped me become a better person -- from once being shy to becoming more proactive and outspoken.

Outside the Office
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. We usually go for a movie or just have a lovely meal in a restaurant. I regularly visit the gym to stay fit and to relax, explore new places in Malaysia and try local delicacies because I am a food lover. Music is also an important part of my life.

Day In My Life

Each day consists of collaborating, exploring the best solution, and working in a team. I am grateful for Accenture’s positive work environment.

Working in a project has always been a good experience as it helps me learn and improve myself in many aspects.

There are always challenges to be resolved. If an urgent matter arises, we work as a team to solve the issues.

My proudest achievement would be successfully conducting an end-user training for the client. The appreciation and recognition I received from my project manager and the client increased my confidence and encouraged me to give my best in accomplishing tasks.

My Advice
Accenture is definitely a great place to work and learn, especially for a fresh graduate because the company provides clear directions on achieving a rewarding career. Just be proactive, open-minded and prepared to work hard, and you can expect to reap many rewards!