Nur Maisarah R.​​


Nur Maisarah R.​​


Technology Consulting Analyst



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Technology Architecture


Brunel University London

What I Do

I am a Performance, Risk and Quality Senior Analyst working in the Communications, Media & Technology Industry. My tasks are a mixture of both requirements and development phases.

During the requirements phase, I meet with clients and end-users to understand their needs and provide them with a tailor-fit solution. I often work with the business team to help visualize and articulate what we plan to do.

I come from a technical background, with experience in Computer Science, Information System Engineering and SAP technology—and the development phase of a project is where I really come in. In my current assignment, I am a Performance Test Executioner. My job is to test the strength of the system or applications that are being built. Before this, I need to know the system’s functionality, integration point and technical architecture design. The challenge comes right after, when the system or app needs to be tuned in order to reach an agreeable performance strength.

Day in my Life

I start my day with either a yoga session or cardio workout. Once I get to work, I turn on my laptop and scan through my e-mails. This helps me prioritize my work for the day. Before leaving, my team and I discuss the current status of our tasks and resolve any issues that require attention. As soon as I’m out the door, I have dinner then head home.

Outside the Office

I like traveling, hiking and wall climbing. When I’m not doing any of those things, I just stay home and watch Netflix.

My Advice

Everyone has to start somewhere so always think of ways to improve yourself. Doing this will help attract good things in your life.