Nor Syahira Mohd M.


Nor Syahira Mohd M.


Business and Technology Delivery Analyst



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


University of Sarawak

What I Do

I am a Business and Technology Delivery Analyst performing customer relationship management under the Communications, Media and Technology group. I provide support for Oracle Enterprise Application Integration and have business management experience in analyzing customer concerns. Some of my special skills include building interfaces in Salesforce and its integrating system called MuleSoft, a cloud computing system that helps clients deliver improved results.

Day in my Life

I start my day by commuting to work and grabbing a cup of coffee along the way. As soon as I reach the office, I check my inbox and to-do list. This helps me sort out what needs to be done for the day. Because I want to keep improving in my role, I take down notes every time I learn something new. This gives me an easy reference point and also lets me to pass on the knowledge later on to my colleagues. Anytime I run into a challenge at work, I make sure to ask for help.

Outside the Office

I’m always looking out for new restaurants to try and don’t mind spending money on good food. I also love cooking and baking, especially my grandmother’s traditional recipes. It makes me feel good when people enjoy the food I cook. My favorite animal is the cat and I would go to different cat studios where I play with different cat breeds from around the world. It’s such a lovely experience.

My Advice

Find passion in what you do and you will enjoy every moment of your day. Be prepared to face each new day because life will always throw challenges at you. When you are faced with adversity, do not give up and accept challenges as opportunities for growth. Maintain good relationships with your colleagues because you might need their help later on. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.