Lo K. C.​


Lo K. C.​


Business Process Delivery Senior Analyst



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Business Process Delivery


University Tunku Abdul Rahman

What I Do

I am a Business Process Delivery Senior Analyst for the Operations group. As a trainer on a content review project, my job is to prepare the team for Operations work by instructing them on how to fulfil client expectations and deliverables. Aside from ensuring that the volume and quality of work are met, I also provide other support to the team as needed.

Day in my Life

I start my day with a good breakfast to energize me for the day’s challenges. When I get to work, I open my e-mail and go through my daily to-do list. This usually involves going through training decks and application reviews. Due to my hectic work schedule, I prioritize what is really important and aim for work-life balance. This keeps me on track and allows me to enjoy my evenings with my family.

Outside the Office

When I’m not at work, I go café-hopping with friends. We love trying out different kinds of food. I also love traveling the world. My favorite places to explore are the beautiful beaches in each country.

My Advice

Be passionate about what you’re doing and be open to new experiences and learnings. When you’re happy, you will always excel in whatever it is you’re doing. In life, you also have to go the extra mile to be successful.