Kevin L.


Kevin L.





Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

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EMBA, Australian Graduate School of Mgmt (2009)

What I Do

I work with the Finance and Enterprise Performance practice. Our job is to essentially help drive the Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) agenda in making the finance organization more efficient and effective in supporting business decisions and strategies. The activities range from implementation of new operating models to helping managers improve visibility and accountability of key financial metrics via Enterprise Performance management, and other process improvement and system improvement consultations.

Day In My Life

Check emails and catch up on any new developments or materials overnight.

  1. Discuss progress of our work with the team, understand key issues or obstacles that may hinder progress and agree on the next steps/deliverables for the week.

  2. Review the work produced by the work streams and provide feedback.

  3. Review work with the client and stakeholders and discuss any inputs or issues with the proposed work. Lots of meetings!

  4. Communicate client feedback and reset expectations where required.

Outside The Office
I love food and I love football, other things include movies, basketball, golf and cycling.

My Advice
Be prepared to work hard and be willing to engage clients and team members. It’s the best way to learn and ensure your work meets client expectations.