Kalel K.


Kalel K.





Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Psychology, Iowa University

What I Do

Being aligned to Talent & Organization Performance, the key service line skills I have really managed to acquire and apply are Talent Management and Change Management.

My project with an oil & gas client is centered on assisting the client shorten the time to autonomy of their engineers. This involves the application of the Accenture’s talent management framework (i.e. define, discover, develop, and deploy).

To effectively ensure the program is adopted by the client, there is also a great deal of change management involved (e.g. communications plan, training plan, stakeholder analysis). My role in this project was to effectively manage and lead the project team in sustaining the program and also serving as the change management team lead.

Day In My Life
Life really is a box of chocolates. I wake up at 5:30 a.m., get ready and leave for work by 6:15 a.m., clock in at client’s site at 7:10 a.m.. What happens from there on is a mixture of hectic client meetings, cracking my brain to come up with a solid, compliant message in PowerPoint, churning numbers in Excel and resolving client issues. All in all it’s a tiring ordeal, but the sense of satisfaction makes it all worth it.

Outside the Office

I like to hit the gym as hitting the gym keeps the body healthy and the mind relaxed. Music (specifically rock & roll) is also a passion. The highlight of my musical career in Accenture would have to be performing with the Accenture band at AD&D and BUM 2008. It was a rocking great time, and the thrill and exhilaration of those two performances will always be a very fond memory of mine.

If I had to choose one favorite destination, specifically it would have to Italy. The main reason is that it’s a country that has managed to maintain a good blend of modernization/urbanization and still retain its cultural history. That, and the fact that it makes a good, holiday spot.

My Advice
I would not hesitate to refer a friend if I believed that person had the necessary skills and experience to tough it out here in Accenture and also if I believed they embodied the Accenture core values. Essentially, I would advise two things, 1) Do your homework, read up about Accenture and what they have to offer 2) Be yourself and be ready to really work hard.